“I have been training with Alison twice weekly for the last 18 months. I am renowned for not sticking to anything, especially keeping fit but I am still enthused today at every session! Alison’s training plans are varied and fun and my fitness levels are way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. We meet in the park in all weathers and run, box, circuit train, weights, core body exercises, to name a few!” cont. >
“With Alison’s support and personalised training plan I have managed to complete four 10k runs this year, a real achievement and I couldn’t have done it without Alison’s commitment to me and my fitness. Alison is a real pleasure to be with, she is fun, easy going and has an excellent ability to motivate me and keep me focussed.” Client Justine D’Warte
“I've been attending Alison's boxercise classes for just over a year now, and can thoroughly recommend them.

Alison comes up with different routines for a full body work out week after week and always makes them fun. She pushes and challenges us but never over extends us - time flies in her classes!”
Cont. >
“Many people are put off by the thought of boxercise being a contact sport - it is but we work out our frustrations on pads, as hard or as soft as we like, not on each other. I recently suffered an injury, which was nothing to do with boxercise, and Alison was kind enough to come up with a different routine for me to enable me to continue with her classes, I enjoy them that much!” Client Debs Nicol
“I've trained with Alison for three years now and am always impressed with how she changes the programme each week to keep it interesting and meet the needs of all participants. For me to keep going, the class needs to be fun, varied, challenging & rewarding and at the end I need to feel that I’ve achieved something - three years on and I’m still going strong.” Maidstone Group Training Steve Martin
“I have been doing Alison's Saturday morning fitness class for a number of years. If you enjoy the fresh air and being pushed just beyond your limit, it's great fun.

I am now more toned, fitter, faster and stronger than I used to be (but unfortunately not younger!) - thanks to Alison.”
Ladies Bootcamp Deanne Cunningham

Health & Fitness Top Tips

1. Always take the stairs or walk up the escalators when out. Park the car at the back of the car park so you walk further.

2. Warm up properly before starting your exercise session. Stretching helps reduce risk of injury and too much muscle soreness.

3. Eat home made chilli con carne once a week - enzymes in kidney beans tells the body to break down stored body fat and the mince boosts your metabolism.
4. For general fitness, 30 minutes of moderate exercise is recommended 5 times a week - this can include gardening, D.I.Y, housework etc.

5. Sip green tea – boosts fat oxidisation and resting metabolism by 20%.

6. Weight bearing exercises will increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis.
7. Always eat breakfast within 1-2 hours of getting up - kick starts metabolism. Skipping breakfast makes you 4 times more likely to put on weight.

8. Working leg muscles burns more calories than working upper body - walking lunges are perfect for this.

9. Avoid all processed foods - too much salt.
10. Avoid eating after 8pm - it makes hard work for your body to digest. Have a bath before bedtime - assists digestion and helps sleep. Contact Alison for more Top Tips